Eye and I


Discover your Eyes and your I with drkwesi

Drkwesi is a German trained eye doctor who is passionate about bridging science with hidden knowledge to reveal the root causes of eye conditions


Dr Kwesi Anan Odum is a German-trained eye doctor with a medical degree from the University of Kiel and a Specialist for Ophthalmology.


In his pioneering work he integrates modern science with occult knowledge to achieve deeper understanding about how eye conditions relate to how we think, feel and act. 


Consultancy and Coaching

Drkwesi offers private consultations and coaching in person and online in German and English.


In addition to sessions with individuals, he offers consultancy to health professionals seeking a deeper understanding of their clients’ issues. 


He is an interactive, solution-focused medical consultant and coach. His work goes beyond ophthalmology and is enriched with the analytic and the intuitive, humour and patience. He uses the eyes as a bridge to enable clients to find out how they see themselves; to find out who they are. 


Drkwesi practices in an eye clinic in the Heidelberg region of Germany.

Training and Events

Drkwesi is a sought-after speaker, trainer and workshop leader. He gives talks, workshops and training in his unique approach to eye health and personal development in both German and English. 


Many of his talks and workshops are open to individuals looking to explore the root cause of eye issues, which he offers alongside his more in-depth training for doctors, therapists and health professionals. 


"With my interdisciplinary background my passion is to inspire people and assist them in creating a joyful and healthy life"


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