Consultancy with drkwesi

Drkwesi offers two forms of consultancy: consultancy for individuals and consultancy for health professionals

This page is for health professionals looking for orientation with your clients or patients. 

If you’re looking to explore your own goals or health challenges, please visit the coaching page: 

Drkwesi's Consultancy Approach

Drkwesi offers consultancy to health professionals and doctors who are looking for a deeper understanding of their clients’ issues. 


His work goes beyond Ophthalmology as he uses the eyes as a bridge to enable you to access the underlying patterns affecting your clients. You’ll gain new perspectives on how they see themselves, how they feel and who they really are.  


Using his unique synthesis of modern science and complementary methodologies and techniques, drkwesi is able to provide deep insights into the causal themes and hidden emotions behind your clients’ issues, offering you different avenues to explore together.  


Drkwesi’s interdisciplinary background includes META-Health, Psychosomatic Colour Diagnostics, 64keys and GeniusReport (both based on Human Design). He brings together the wisdom from these systems to offer clarity on your clients’ challenges, patterns and resources.   



Consultancy Sessions with drkwesi

Drkwesi offers consultancy sessions online and in person, in English and German. 


His consultancy sessions are suitable for professionals including doctors interested in integrative approaches, health practitioners, META-Health Coaches and therapists from various disciplines. 


You may choose to attend a consultancy session together with your client for a joint exploration, or bring several client cases for which you’d like to gain orientation. Drkwesi offers consultancy online and in person, in English and German.


The first stage of consultation is an introductory call with drkwesi to discuss your needs and requirements and their fit with drkwesi’s approach.